December 15, 2019

What is Zcash?

In this Zcash coin review I will go over in depth regarding the cryptocurrency itself as well as the network and what it offers. So, what is Zcash? It is maybe the most popular blockchain network and coin that focuses mainly on the privacy and security aspects. Being built on the original Bitcoin base structure, this cryptocurrency handles one of the main issues with cryptos in general and offers its users the ability to keep their anonymity while selectively complying to auditing and regulations. The maximum supply for is 21,000,000 ZEC coins
Zcash’s Future

The years 2018 and 2019 are looking to be quite decisive for the whole network. According to the track record and future plans, the team are preparing Zcash to be the top private coin and network in the world. The community is ecstatic and are fully supporting them. Feel free to check out their roadmap and current stage at the official website

Zcash Nodes

Nodes are the pillars of every blockchain network. They are referencing points for all users as well as providing stability and security to the whole system. There are 2 types of nodes in the Zcash network – light and full nodes.

Full nodes, or also called Fully Validating Nodes, are the main reference points for everyone and are the most important. They would require you to download the full transactional history of the blockchain and they act as a validator of transactions and blocks on the network.

Light nodes, or light SVP clients, are the most common ones as mostly all users and wallets are operating as one. They need only a small part of the recent history of the blockchain to be downloaded in order to operate.

Forks or Tokens Based on ZCash

Because of its popularity, the Zcash cryptocurrency is the base for several other privacy-oriented coins from hard forks. It also had a few Soft Forks that brought substantial changes and updates to the network.