Ways To Earn

Step: 1. First you have to join either as a customer or a vendor.

Earn $1 plus 100 points just for joining!

Step: 2. You can start selling as vendor. Sell anything you like.

Step: 3. Start referring visitors. Go to My Wallet, look for the
referral button click it. Copy your referral Link.

You get $1 per sign up and $.10 per visit.

Step: 5. Start Mining Muse Bux (MBX) Online. Each MBX is worth $1. Buy anything in the marketplace. Same as cash.

Step: 6. Earn multiple times a day. Simply just by visiting this website.

Step: 7. Get Muse Bux Points for every $5 or more purchase.

Step: 8. Get Paid To, this page gives you the chance to get paid for video, surveys and more.

More ways to earn coming soon. This includes:

1. Bitcoin Fountain & Games
2. Get paid to watch videos, visit sites, and play games.